GMHC Satire

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Loose Lips Lovers ................................................. A CLASSIC SATIRE

Marginalized Community Voices

The entire leadership lost to the AIDS epidemic, no recources, everybody turns a blind EYE.
An artistic trend setting “ALL  ODDS” against us community is on the edge.

22 years ago “Outsiders” came into our community to take care of our AIDS needs.
Now they created their own artistic sub-culture, “Pimping” the community.

Where do we Go?
The government provides no oversight.

Where do we Go?
This not for profit organization paid everybody off, so they can manipulate the
community’s economic, artistic and social progression for financial gain.

Where do we Go?
Our own leadership is corrupted and is selling us out. They package our community to receive government grant money and they are not transparent. They cut into our economy to create a dependency on the backs of the community.

Where do we Go?
When looking into the future and what impact it will have on this entire community, we see devastating consequences. It leads us into bankruptcy and artistic death, soooo

Where do we Go?
Loose Lips Lovers